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February 04 2013



I would like to tell everyone a story that i think is probably the best sexy sex stories you've ever heard... It happened a few months ago, while i was away within the popular tourist places. I became by helping cover their some of my friends in a bar and i also noticed that 3 local girls were checking me out. In the beginning I did not pay much awareness of them nonetheless they maintained on looking at me with naughty eyes. Then things improved. Among the girls came to me and asserted she and her friends believe that Im very cute. I had been very surprised with her courage but I remarked that I had to find a solution. And so i told her that I think she and her friends are cute too after which she invited me to her table...


After having few drinks and the majority of laughs they told me that they can share a rental close by and invited me on their place. I couldnt avoid that offer so we headed to their apartment. I used to be quite nervous because i didnt understand what was gonna happen but also very excited which i may potential for sex with three girls at the same time...

Whenever we got into the house surprise thing happened. They explained that they can wanted me to fuck all of them. It turned out very unusual will be able to hear these words from 3 hot girls however i said excitedly who's could be great. And then we all started getting naked plus they we kissing around my figure and caressing my balls and cock...

One of them took my pants off after which my boxers and began sucking my cock while the other two were licking my nipples. I felt that I had been in heaven. However reported to bend over about the bed alongside each other. These were actually doing a few things i was letting them know to complete!!! And so i started fucking them one at a time from behind. I used to be pinching myself once in a while to find out if I was dreaming or otherwise not. But every time I felt this I spotted it wasn't a goal at all...


Like there is an end to each and every good thing on the globe I had been nearly able to come. I told them to kneel so I could spray throughout their faces. However came with a serious pleasure and i also had a great deal cum i didn't have before. I nearly covered a bunch of their faces with cum...
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